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IPhone App Halloween - Stroika Halloween - Stroika
Spook your friends and scare your family!

The Halloween app is a soundboard of diverse and terrifying sounds. A tool for the professional prankster. The perfect accessory for Halloween.

Turn the lights down, tell some stories or just sneak up on your victim. "What was that?".

Trick or Treat? The\'ll run a mile when they hear some of these.

Do\'t scare the life out of somebody!

Blood curdling screams, things that go bump, Zombies, Thunder, Chil\'s Play, Howling Wolves, Ghouls, Dentis\'s Drill, Evil Birds, Lost Souls, Disemboweling, Evil Laugh... And more!

Turn your volume right up and Happy Halloween.

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Wir würden uns sehr freuen!

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Abgehackter Zombiefuss

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